Wetblasting In California

“Vixen Is Golden In California”

If you are prospecting for GOLD you’ve found it in Vixen!

Did you know? Wetblasting is commonly known as vapor blasting, slurry blasting and liquid honing.

At Wetblasting.com we’ve been serving the great state of California since 1983 when Rick made his first trip to visit General Dynamics and has never looked back!

Made To Last

We proudly build and support a line of wetblast equipment that is second to none. The Aquablast range is designed and built to take the abuse that you will experience when blasting with even the most aggressive medias. Some manufactures can give you the finish results in the beginning, but you get what you pay for! Vixen is tried-and true for the long haul.

Productive Slurry Pump

The heart of any vapor blast/wet blast machine is the slurry pump. An off-the-shelf pump just isn’t designed to be used in this punishing environment. The Vixen pump is what I call a “true” slurry pump. That is, designed and built from the ground up to handle the abusive slurry flow. Vixen has gone even a step further by eliminating seals that surely wear out and leak. Vixen also made inspection and service easy by using a four-bolt pump mount and electrical plug disconnect. You can have the pump out and on a bench for inspection in less than 10 minutes.

Our machines have our unique industrial pump designed and built by us for the Aquablast machines…. Watch out for those companies who don’t show you their pumps….. ask to see the pump and parts before you buy.

100% Quality Stainless Steel Machines

Another major thing to look for is the wetblast cabinet itself. Heavy gage stainless steel is the only material used to consider a machine acceptable for industrial use and long service life. Other materials will bring the initial cost down but you will surely pay in the long run. Vixen still supports customers with Aquablast machines that have been in service for 20 plus years.

Vixen is proudly made in the United Kingdom. They are known for taking pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail. I have been to the factory three times and witnessed this myself. I will do all I can to get you into one of our installations to see this for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the quality and wonder why there is still a cost savings of 30% or more over our competition. They just know vapor blast/wetblast over there! I’m staking, without reservation, my 37 year reputation on it.

Why Vixen Over US Manufactures?

  • Made in the UK, supported in California backed by Rick, a 37 year veteran
  • More features as standard over US manufacturers at no added cost
  • Vixen machines are up to 30% less expensive when compared to US manufactures
  • Great technical support in the US by industry veteran Rick
  • Hundreds of replacement parts stocked here in the US
  • Custom blast cabinets available

We hope that you continue you on and dig farther into the web site to see the machines, read the blogs and to look at some of the wetblast projects we have been involved with.

Here at Wetblasting we support many industries in California, here are a few:

  • Aerospace
  • Semi-conductor
  • Automotive
  • Jewelry
  • Energy and oil exploration
  • Vintage motorcycle restoration

Here at Wetblasting.com we can answer any questions related to machinery, media or your blasting projects…just ask Rick