Dec 23 2019

Vixen premiers Aqua Wheelblaster video

Vixen debuts its latest video with the popular Aqua Wheelblaster.

The Aqua Wheelblaster is designed exclusively for wheel preparation and uses Vixen’s wet blasting technology to prepare wheels in as little as three minutes!

Fast, affordable, easy to use and very profitable!

This compact machine uses the standard six step process of manually preparing wheels into one quick and simple step. Making the machine a must-have in any automotive workshop.

The new video below highlights how the Aqua Wheelblaster works, quickly and effectively.

The process uses water mixed with abrasive to surface treat the alloy and provides a key for paint and lacquer to adhere to. The use of water inside this cabinet ensures no media is impregnated onto the alloy wheel. The water also provides a washing action and does not strip the wheel back to bare metal.


  • Dust-free process
  • Compact cabinet design
  • Optional Pneumatic lift for easy loading
  • Internal spigot ensures ease of handling and loading
  • Durable high-pressure pump
  • Blow off gun removes excess water and media, ready for painting
  • Perfectly etches wheel ready for painting and machining

Contact Rick if you have any questions!