May 8 2017

Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster

Joe stopped in to blast some fifty year old rims. He really had no clue what to expect after cleaning the rims up in the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster machine but I knew! They turned out great!

“Thank you again for your time and for allowing me to get acquainted with the wet blasting process. I’m meeting with some guys this weekend to discuss the machine and it’s potential. As I mentioned I do not have an official business but I restore at least two vintage cars a year so that may change. I am amazed at the finish that was achieved so quickly in the Vixen 1215. I can envision this saving me so much time on so many parts!”

The “before” wheel is one that was unused and had the least amount of tarnish. But, the Vixen machine was just as fast on the worst of the wheels as well.