Dec 15 2016

Visit to Vixen in the United Kingdom

Rebecca and I recently had the opportunity to Visit the Vixen factory in the UK. The purpose of our trip was to sit down on some projects that are ongoing, discuss some sales strategies, shoot some installation videos and basically just discuss future plans.

As always, we strive to provide the best customer support in the industry. Rebecca and I had the great opportunity to listen to Vixen sales and support staff and pick up on some of their techniques. We walked away with great enthusiasm and some new customer service tactics.

I was able to meet some new workers out in the shop. Andy took Rebecca and I on a shop tour. The entire shop was bustling in productivity. We happened to be there in a record sales month and it surely showed out in the shop. One thing I remembered from my last visit to Vixen was how proud the employees are to show you what they do. They are not only craftsman but they are happy craftsman! Rebecca noticed a very young man in the welding area, she asked Andy how such a young man could be working there. Andy explained that he is part of their apprentice program. Having grown up in my Grandfathers machine shop I could really appreciate that.

Vixen not only builds and support great machinery, but they also cultivate an environment of creativity, customer service and relationship building. We are happy to be associated with Vixen and all their wonderful staff.

Special thanks to Aidan, Debbie, Gill, Hollie, Hannah, Andy and all the others who made us feel so welcome.