Jan 14 2019

Stan’s Wet Blasting Experience!

Automation Products based in Wisconsin USA, started their business over 30 years ago, processing parts for companies all over the States. Automation products had a dry blasting cabinet that wasn’t achieving the exact results their customers were looking for, so Stan decided to contact Rick from wetblasting.com and send some parts to process in his demonstration centre.

Rick from wetblasting.com, used a Vixen Aquablast machine to process Stan’s parts with 300 mesh glass bead to produce a shiny consistent appearance as requested.  When Stan spoke to Rick he said that he was currently using a dry blasting machine, but this produced an inconsistent finish and you could notice streaks after anodizing.

When Stan had sent the parts to Rick he had hoped it would reduce some of the deburring time and produce a more consistent finish than what he was achieving using his dry blasting cabinet. Another issue Stan was experiencing was the dust produced, resulting in poor visibility.

Stan from Automation Products said “The parts we received back from Rick looked great! I waited to write this until I had completed the anodizing process and the parts only looked better! We are in the process of choosing a machine size and we intend to replace our dry blast with a Vixen Aquablast 1215.”

Vixens Aquablast machines mix water and abrasive to produce a consistent cosmetic finish on a wide variety of components. One of the main benefits of the wetblasting process is it produces 0 dust. This makes for better visibility within the blasting cabinet and produces a softer surface finish.

The Vixen Aquablast 1215 is the medium sized model in the Aquablast range which was designed by Vixen to blast and degrease many sizes of components. The robust stainless steel cabin with white wall rubber lining and LED lighting gives great visibility for the operator.