Feb 27 2015

Separating Used Media From Water

Many users of wet blasting machines are often unsure how to separate used media and water from the sump of the machine. There are two basic options for media disposal …

Hydro Cyclone

If you just want to clean the slurry to remove the media, hydro cyclones are commonly used. These units use centrifugal force to concentrate the solids to the lower port of the hydro cyclone. They can be positioned over a bucket to collect the majority of the spent media.


  • Hydro cyclone systems use no filter media
  • Hydro cyclones have no moving parts
  • Hydro cyclones draw air into the vortex and aerates coolants
  • Helps to separate water from the media to around 90%
  • Ideal when emptying the machine or changing abrasives

Closed Loop Rinsing System

An alternate method would be to use a closed loop rinsing system, which generally has a loop that cleans the scum and broken media as you blast and rinse.

The purpose of the sedimentation filter is to separate solid particles from the water coming out of the overflow. The electrically operated solenoid value stops, creating a delay, which allows for the abrasives to settle in the machine hopper. Following this, the value opens and allows the over filling of water to exit via the overflow tube to the sedimentation filter. The closed loop system has a paper filter which collects the debris. This needs pulling through manually when it becomes too contaminated. A 12 volt pump is fitted to the base of the sedimentation filter which supplies relatively clean water to the rinse gun.

For more information regarding hydro cyclones or closed loop rinsing systems, just… ask Rick!