May 13 2019

Rick’s Visit to The Ultimate Man Cave!

One of the things I love about serving the wet blast industry is the variety of industries and businesses I get to visit. I meet great people in small mom-and-pop shops and great people in high-end industries like Samsung or General Electric. It’s my thirty-ninth year at this and it’s still as much fun as it always has been.

I want to share a recent visit with you. I went to set up an Aquablast 1215 in a shop that rebuilds repossessed equipment. The shop was flawless in cleanliness and the layout and design of the facility. The equipment and tools were all high end and I was proud to be there to set up a Vixen as it will be a perfect fit in this shop. The setup went well. August and Alex were super nice guys and were obviously passionate about their roles within the company.

I’ve been on many visits like this and as mentioned have met many great people, but there was something different about this place and I soon found out what that was… the ultimate man cave. The Vixen machine was not only there for the business but also for something else they were passionate about, the pictures tell the story better than I could ever.

Thirty-nine years and still passionate about this? Oh yeah!