Jul 19 2017

Rich’s Workshop Visit

Just received some amazing feedback from Rich who visited my workshop last week! This is what he had to say:

“I can’t thank you enough for you inviting me into your shop last week to try out your Vixen blasting equipment to resurface my aluminium wheels.”

“As you quickly noticed upon arrival, my aluminium wheels were highly polished to an almost chrome-like finish. Though they were nicely polished, it just wasn’t the look I really wanted. I wanted to show off that these were in fact made of aluminium and not some chromed steel wheel. I had been searching for over two years for a process that would allow me to inexpensively do what I had in mind.”

“The Aquablast was the perfect solution! You quickly and easily showed me the blasting machine, and in less than a minute showed me the results and I was ecstatic. I then took over the job with not an ounce of experience blasting anything.  The process was so simple, anyone could do it, and the margin of error is really non-existent. You really can’t overdo anything and the results are a uniform finish throughout the whole surface.”

“The amount of time to do a thorough job was simply amazing. I did the first wheel in probably less than 30 minutes and subsequent wheel went fast and faster. All told, I completed the four wheels in less than 1.5 hours! All with NO experience.”

“Both sides of each wheel were blasted, the back sides being quite dirty with a few years of road grime and a lack of cleaning. I was astounded how easily the process was and all the while I was doing the wheels, I was imagining other ways I could use this equipment.”

“In closing, I offer up another big thank you for your generosity and some photos of the work I carried out.” “The before and after of the inside of the wheels were simply amazing!” “The surface was very smooth and ready to clear coat or apply some form of protective coating. The car and wheels will be detailed next week and my hopes are that a simple coating of a quartz type protective coat will be all I need.”

“Thank you so much, I will highly recommend this process to others within my car communities.” Rich D Colgate, WI