The VM36 JETAIR dry blasting machine is designed by Vixen to provide quick, clean and efficient results across a wide range of blast cleaning and blast treatment applications.

The halogen lighting and high performance cartridge dust collection/filtration system fitted to this model ensures maximum internal visibility, vital for yielding first-class results.

A standard Jetair machine uses the suction feed method during the blasting process. Compressed air is used to create a ‘venturi’ effect, where blast air is sucked up through the hopper of the cabinet to the blast gun and then propelled onto the surface of the component. The media then falls back to the hopper and is recycled.

Alternatively, Jetair machines can use a pressure operated blast system which increases the speed of blasting by up to four times and has an increase in efficiency. These pressure pots are available in large and small sizes and are an optional extra in the Jetair range.

Typical applications include:

  • Removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon and other similar deposits
  • Surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting, re-coating or producing cosmetic finishes
  • Deburring or peening
  • Deflashing, cleaning and retexturing plastic moulds
  • Etching, decorating and engraving glass



DC VM55 Machine


Standard features:

  • Constructed from 14 and 16 swg reinforced steel
  • Powder coated
  • Left hand opening door
  • Reinforced mesh floor
  • High quality blast guns- Tungsten carbide nozzles
  • Air wash gun
  • Extraction air inlet ducts
  • Integral twin cartridge dust extraction (manual clean)
  • 300 watt halogen lamp
  • Leg mounted air regulator and dial
  • Large base foot pedal
  • Sealed hopper sieve
  • Quick release spill and media tray
  • Easy access armholes

Optional Extras:

  • Right hand opening door
  • Gas assisted full front opening door
  • Door safety switch
  • Internal rubber lining
  • Blast gun holder
  • Mini or large pressure pots
  • Quick exhausts
  • Separate/Fixed cyclones
  • Turntables and trollies
  • Separate four pocket filter bag dust extraction
  • Integral twin cartridge dust extraction (automatic clean)
  • Separate twin and four cartridge dust extraction systems (manual or automatic clean)
  • Sealed gauntlets
  • Bellow type gauntlets
  • Explosion relief panel