Jetair Tumbler

Vixen’s JETAIR TUMBLER machine is designed to automatically blast clean components or treat batched of small to medium-sized components, offering a cost effective alternative to hand blasting while ensuring a uniform finish.

A major benefit of using a tumbler is that they offer a more cost-effective alternative to using a hand blast cabinet. Components are loaded into a rubber lined drum where they are slowly tumbled under a constant stream of blast media which is delivered by adjustable blast guns. Parts can then be removed manually or via a discharge chute, which is available as an optional extra.

As with all Jetair machines, the Tumbler can be operated either by pressure or suction, and has two high flow blast guns mounted onto the door which are controlled by an adjustable timer.

The Tumbler can be operated using a wide range of blast media, including plastics, vegetable matter, glass bead and alumina. Chilled iron grit and steel shot may also be used in pressure-fed systems.

Jetair Wheelblaster1 cutout