Custom Blast Cabinets

Vertical arm blastProject development, machine design and the building of custom abrasive blasting equipment is where our experience really shines.

Here at we are not limited to supplying you with standard off-the-shelf products. If one of our wetblasting machines does not meet your specific requirements we can work together to design a machine suited to you.

The process to a custom built machine is relatively straight forward. Once we know the main use for the blast cabinet, can advise the best process, i.e. wet blasting or dry blasting. Once this has been determined, a blasting abrasive suitable to your application can be suggested and your cleaning solutions will be answered.

There are several additional extras which can help determine the right blast cabinet for you:

  • Tumbling barrels- A large quantity of parts can be processed simultaneously inside a rotating barrel
  • Pinch roller conveyor – A series of pinch rollers guide the flat part through the machine
  • Skewed roller – Part rotation will also feed the round part through the machine linearly
  • Indexed turntable – Operator can work at a common load/unload station. The parts index into the machine when dual palm button are actuated
  • Rotating turntable – A power driven worktable rotates cylindrical parts – this often includes power driven blast guns
  • Track and car – Parts are rolled into the blast cabinet on a car with rails system – excellent for heavy parts

It is important to remember that added extras such as handling rails and lifts can be added to your chosen wetblasting machine to make the cleaning process as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions relating to custom built wet blast cabinets, or you would simply like to find out a little bit more… just ask Rick!