Rick’s Advice On Choosing A Blast Cabinet

Rick CutoutFrom searching the internet, you are probably already aware that there are well over a hundred manufacturers making dry blast cabinets and only a small handful making wet blast.

Of course they will all tell you that their blast cabinet is the best or most economical, however, you need to ensure that your own needs are well defined before choosing the right machine.

The height and size of blasting machines varies greatly between manufacturers. When choosing a machine it is important to consider the dimensions of the biggest component you will be cleaning and ensure that it is not too close to the window.

If you are cleaning very long components, it is worth using a smaller machine with a pass through facility, especially if these components are not going to be getting cleaning on a regular basis.

Vixen offer a bespoke custom built cabinet at a reasonable cost, which is often cheaper than buying a bigger machine.


Wet blast cleaning cabinets generally fall into two categories;

  • Light duty  – this is often a plastic moulded machine where the window is used as the door (mainly used as part of a hobby)
  • Heavy duty – made usually from stainless steel (used in production)


 Factors to Consider

  • Ensure you have enough facility floor space for the blast cabinet and possibly a free standing exhaust collection system
  • Abrasive blast cabinets are notorious for using a lot of compressed air, so determine what is available before proceeding (Downsizing the air jet and blasting nozzle is always an option but it is important to remember that this will have a large impact on productivity)
  • Wet blast cabinets are a lot more favourable when working alongside sensitive machinery/ components as no dust is created


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