May 26 2015

Optional Extras for the Aquablast Range

Vixen continuously try to keep the operator in mind when designing their wet blasting cabinets and understand that one standard machine does not suit all.

This is why Vixen can easily alter their machines in order to suit each individual and their specific finishing requirements.

Whether it is minor alterations such as changing a right hand opening door to a left hand opening door or something slightly bigger, Vixen are more than happy to accommodate.

Aquablast 915The Aquablast wet blasting machine comes with many standard features that are specifically designed to enhance the blasting process and achieve the best finishing results, such as:

  • Powder coated finish
  • Fully stainless steel
  • Right hand opening door
  • Large viewing window with low voltage windscreen wiper
  • Leg mounted pressure regulator and control
  • Single footswitch operation
  • Dual purpose sedimentation filter
  • 3KW heater complete with thermostat
  • Polyurethane abrasive pump fitted with stainless steel inlet filter and motor housing
  • Lightweight polyurethane blast gun
  • Sump overflow pipe


The Aquablast can be fitted with a variety of optional extras depending on the application. These can range from turntables, electrical settings and machine colours as well as many more. All of which can be decided upon after further consultation… just ask Rick!


Optional extras for Vixen’s Aquablast range include:

  1. Left hand opening door
  2. A closed loop rinse system
  3. Hydro cyclone complete with free standing frame
  4. Tumbler Barrel
  5. Blast gun holder
  6. Turntable
  7. Armholes – Bellows


1. Left Hand Opening Door

left hand opening doorA reinforced steel fabricated door with full depth and height access is situated to the left hand side of the cabinet. Air cushioned seals are fitted and the door is secured by a quality chrome slam shut door handle.




2. Vapor Blasting Using a Closed Loop


closed loop systemVapor blasting using a closed loop system is one of Vixens most popular choices, as the machine does not need to be connected to water or a drainage system. The purpose of the sedimentation filter is to separate solid particles from the water coming out of the overflow. The electrically operated solenoid value stops, creating a delay, which allows for the abrasives to settle in the machine hopper. Following this, the value opens and allows the over filling of water to exit via the overflow tube to the sedimentation filter. The closed loop system has a paper filter which collects the debris. This needs pulling through manually when it becomes too contaminated. A 12 volt pump is fitted to the base of the sedimentation filter which supplies relatively clean water to the rinse gun.


3. Hydro Cyclone Complete with Free Standing Frame


1-horz5The hydro cyclone is ideal when it comes to emptying the machine or changing abrasives, as it is designed to separate water from the blasting media to around 90-95%. This leaves a balance of water which can go down a foul drain.




4. Tumbler Barrel

image007For small components the tumbler barrel, which is fitted to the cabinet door, will be used. This gently tumbles small components (e.g. nuts and bolts) whilst they are simultaneously blasted. The base of the tumbler barrel is perforated allowing the slurry to exit the barrel and recycle via the machine sump. A gun holder will be fixed inside the machine for the tumbler barrel.




5. Blast Gun Holder


Blast Gun HolderFitted inside the cabinet is a blast gun holder, enabling the operator to present the components to the blast nozzle.




6. Turntables


turntableHeavy objects can be difficult to manoeuvre inside the blast chamber without opening the door. Machines are available with different turntable options, which allow the operator to move the components without the need to stop blasting.

  • Option A – Fixed stainless steel turntable
  • Option B – Stainless steel turntable complete with stainless steel trolley
  • Option C – Stainless steel turntable complete with stainless steel trolley and mild steel roll out track 1.2m with drip pan.
  • Option D – Air Driven Turntable (Fixed/Mobile)
  • Option E – Gear Driven Turntable

7. Armholes – Bellows


BellowArmholesFor some applications where manoeuvrability within the blast chamber is required, bellow type arm hole ports are recommended. These offer the operator easy access to high components or where mobile turntable, for instance, are used. Regular gauntlets attach easily to the bellows for economic replacements.





For more information regarding optional extras or the Aquablast range … just ask Rick!