Jan 23 2017

Fire Damage Repairs

Recently I had some customers in to blast some parts that where fire damaged. Sadly, a barn burned down causing 15 or more project bikes to be ruined by the fire. The damaged parts ranged from just dirty and smelly from the smoke, to parts with melted plastic and major charring. One of the many benefits of the Vixen Aquablast range is that you don’t have to be concerned about pre washing any of the objects before blast cleaning. Even without detergents the media in a slurry will clean the parts.


The Aquablast 915, the smallest in the Aquablast range was used to process the damaged parts. This particular machine had a closed loop rinse system so anything that was removed from the damaged parts would be dealt with in the filtration system. This machine also didn’t require siting near a drain as it recycles the water. The Aquablast machine made quick work of all the parts which you can see for yourself in the before and after pictures.


Another successful use of the Vixen Aquablast machine.

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