Jan 24 2019

“Everything I blasted came home looking new or better!”

Dave from Wanatah, Illinois visited the wetblasting.com workshop to trial the Aquablast machine. After the demonstration he was given, Dave was very impressed by the Vixen machines which he used to process motorcycle parts that needed restoring.

“I have been curious about wet blasting since the first time I heard about it and have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic. Anyone can look at reviews and pictures but there is nothing like a live demonstration to prove or disprove, so I contacted Rick from Vixen. As soon as I approached the Vixen Aquablast machines, I could tell they were extremely well constructed and designed for industrial use.”

“The proper operation was demonstrated, and 5 minutes later, I was wet blasting. As a test, I took tools with plastic & rubber handles to see the effects of wet blasting on them. Remarkably, the factory paint on the plastic handles was still intact while the thick rust had been thoroughly removed. Try that with a sand blaster.”

“Everything I wet blasted came home looking new or better!”


“The Vixen machines made these parts look new in half the time it took the others. I was thoroughly impressed.”

“The whole learning experience was great. Rick answered all of my questions, showed accessories to make the Vixen machine suit different needs, explained how the filtration system works, demonstrated rust inhibitors and different abrasives.”

“There’s no doubt he has been invested in wet blasting for quite some time and knows his work. For anyone interested in wet blasting, I would strongly recommend giving Rick a call.”

“You won’t be disappointed.”