Aug 22 2019

Ztech Mfg, Minnesota

Ztech Mfg based in Minnesota, USA, are a prototype and product development company that provide a variety of services such as 3D printing, CNC laser machines and metal finishing.

To keep up with the high demand and critical timescales from customers, Ztech decided to purchase a Vixen machine to ensure quick, superior results.

Before purchasing the Vixen Aquablast 1215 machine, the company based in America processed their components in a dry blasting cabinet or an old Vapor Honing cabinet.

Dave Zamora, the owner of Ztech Mfg got in touch with Vixen recently tell us how the vapour blasting machine has helped his business:

“What took minutes now takes seconds! The Aquablast machine is the best and produces the most consistent finish of any machine we have had in the past!”

The Vixen machine is used entirely for post machine finishing of customised products that range from consumer goods to aerospace and medical components; this shows the diversity of the Aquablast cabinets and how many different applications it can be of a benefit to.

The added benefits of a dust-free process and the addition of water to all Aquablast machines, helps provide a softer surface finish in many cosmetic applications.

This is ideal for companies like Ztech Mfg to keep components cleaner for longer.

Dave from Minnesota was asked about the service he received from Vixen and he went on to say:

“The service and support has been excellent from the start, with rapid response times especially at set up. Shipping queries where dealt with quickly and professionally.”

“No more chalky finish from dry blasting!”