Oct 21 2019

X-FAB, Texas

X-Fab is the world’s leading foundry group for analog/ mixed-signal semiconductor applications.

One of their manufacturing sites in Texas, USA recently purchased Vixen’s Aquablast 915 to clean ion beam and electrode components during their implant process.

These ion beams and electrode parts are made up of aluminium and Molybdenum which are easily cleaned with the wet blasting machine.

Before purchasing the Aquablast 915, X-fab were using a 40 year old dry blasting machine and were looking for something new and quicker.

Raymond Graham from X-fab said:

“Since using the Aquablast 915 parts are cleaned in half the time. The machine runs much cleaner and efficient. We have drastically reduced waste and our turnaround time has improved”.

The Aquablast 915 uses water mixed with abrasive to simultaneously blast components to a like-new state. This dust-free process creates a soft surface finish as well as keeping parts cleaner for longer.

He went on to say:

“Vixen were very knowledgeable and the support was readily available if we had any queries during the set up”.