Jul 21 2019

Vintage Kawasaki, Toronto

Vintage Kawasaki based in Toronto, USA has been in business for over 15 years.

They refurbish old stock parts from the 1960’s to the 1980’s for customers refurbishing Kawasaki’s worldwide.

Since purchasing the Vixen Aquablast machine they have now been able to branch out into deburring of newly machined aircraft parts.

Before purchasing the Vixen machine Vintage Kawasaki would process the parts by hand, which was extremely time consuming.

Occasionally, they would also use a dry blasting machine but it didn’t produce a good, consistent finish. This enticed Andy the owner of Vintage Kawasaki to start looking for a wet blasting machine.

Vixen’s wet blasting range of machines produces a consistent cosmetic finish on a wide variety of parts.

The water mixed with abrasives produces a softer/satin surface finish which is achieved by the cushioning of the water which in turn prevents fewer media being consumed.

The smooth/satin finish stops the components from being marked as easily compared to the finish achieved by a dryblast machine.

The Aquablast range of machines has many standard features including a flexi on/off rinse gun, large viewing window with low voltage windscreen wiper, slam shit door handle and a lightweight polyurethane blast gun.

Andy, the owner of Vintage Kawasaki, said

“Within the Toronto/ Mississauga area there are no services like this one for providing a uniformed surface finish on motorcycle parts.

“I just had a customer visit at the weekend that purchased a wet blasting machine from a US supplier and expressed his dissatisfaction with his machine. He is going to be bringing his parts to us to process for him in the Vixen Aquablast machine to produce the finish he was looking for.”

One of Andy’s customers who have recently had their parts processed by the Vixen machine at Vintage Kawasaki said:

“Just like to say that you did a terrific job on those dirty corroded complicated aluminum parts that needed to be restored. The embossed lettering and tightly curved crevices, all turned out no less than perfect. You have an amazing machine and use it very well!”

Overall Andy has expressed just how happy he is with his new machine and the service that he was provided with by the Vixen team. “The machine works great!”