Sep 20 2016

The Aquablast® adds value for Image Auto!

The Image Auto is an American story.  Back in 2003, founder Paul Daly was working as a service writer for a Chevrolet dealership in Oswego, New York. One day, while speaking with a friend from Elim Bible Institute, where Paul received his degree, seeds were planted that would one day grow into the Image Auto family of businesses.

Paul’s friend had recently started a new business that refinished alloy wheels. Paul was working at a franchised auto dealership and saw an opportunity in his local market for such a service.

Taking a huge leap of faith, Paul quit his job, bought an old van, and learned how to refinish alloy wheels. He took that knowledge and built the Rim Doctor of New York, which remains a successful division of the company today.

Peter Schultz, Fixed Operations Director says

“Since purchasing our Aquablast machine production has been enhanced in two ways: speed and consistency. Our old method was to prep wheels to be painted by scuffing them by hand. This would take an average of twenty minutes per wheel and often there were difficult to reach places that might not receive the proper amount of scuffing. With the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster we have dropped the average time to five to ten minutes per wheel. Because the machine is unfazed by the design and style of the wheel, we can be sure that all areas have been reached and that the new profile is consistent throughout.”



“Value has been added by the unit to our process and product is seen in the decrease in time that it takes for us to do the work as well as helping us create a better product.”

“We used to wash all the wheels that came in prior to doing any work to them. This was to remove dirt, tar and brake dust. With the Aqua Wheelblaster, this step has now been combined with scuffing which results in another time savings of approximately five minutes.”

“Overall the biggest help to the operator is the wheel elevator that makes bending over and lifting unnecessary.”