Feb 21 2019

S&J Construction, Chicagoland

S&J Construction based in Chicagoland, USA are a steel erecting company with a steel fabrication shop.

After years of manually cleaning parts with grinders and brushes, the company decided to look into a quicker alternative, and that’s when they discovered Vixen’s Aquablast 1215.

The company clean old rusted vehicle and equipment parts and this manual process would take a considerable amount of time and effort, whilst the finish they achieved was only satisfactory at best.

Since purchasing the 1215, S&J Construction is amazed by the quicker process and the finish that is achieved.

Vixen’s wetblasting machine has saved the company a lot of time and labour.

The Aquablast machine uses wet blasting technology to simultaneously degrease and blast multiple components.

This process cleans by flow and uses water mixed with abrasive to produce a superior finish. Not only does it keep parts cleaner for longer, the machine is a dust-free process which is better for the working environment.

Dave from S&J Construction said:

“We still can’t believe the results the Aquablast gives us. Thanks so much for such a fantastic machine!”

The construction company purchased the 1215 from Vixen’s US Distributor at wetblasting.com. He went on to say: “Rick from Wetblasting’s support has been second to none.”