Jan 22 2021

Scuderia Rampante, Colorado

Scuderia Rampante Inc based in Colorado, USA are a family-owned business which specialises in Independent Ferrari Sales, Service, Storage and Restoration.

Dave Helms, the owner of the company has specialised in the repair and restoration of Ferrari’s for just under 50 years! In 2017, they made the decision to purchase a vapor blasting cabinet from a company over 4000 miles away from themselves: Vixen! And they have never looked back!

We supplied Scuderia Rampante with an Aquablast 1215 to assist in their restoration process. With the help of the revolutionary wet blasting machine, they have been able to expand their business and now offer the service to a range of industries such as aerospace.

The 1215 is our medium-sized cabinet which is ideal for processing medium to large parts. The Aquablast cabinet uses a mixture of water and abrasive to create a slurry that blasts and degreases parts to a like-new condition within a matter of minutes, all whilst ensuring a 100% dust-free environment.

The process cleans by flow and not impact, with the water acting as a lubricant to avoid any media impregnation or component damage. The company are now receiving parts for processing from all across the globe, even countries such as Hong Kong!

In Dave’s words, “customers are ‘instantly sold on the process”. Dave went on to say:

“Quite frankly, the Aquablast system has changed our industry. What was once accepted as parts being painted to freshen the look of soft, nonferrous materials, now the materials can be restored to like-new look without the use of paint.”

As well as being overjoyed with the superior results achieved with the Aquablast cabinet, their positive experience didn’t end there. Dave was more than thrilled with the excellent service which had been provided by the team here at Vixen. He explained that:

“Vixen has restored my faith in customer service!”

Scuderia Rampante is now one of our many global customers who decided to choose Vixen for our 30+ years’ experience in the production of the most exceptional surface treatment machinery available.