Apr 22 2020

Mid Valley Industrial Services, Wisconsin

Mid Valley Industrial Services in Wisconsin, USA offer a wide range of cleaning services including dust removal, ice blasting and now vapor blasting to a range of clients.

The cleaning company contacted our US distributor to see what we could offer and were introduced to the Aquablast range. After much consideration and guidance, Mid Valley Industrial Services opted for the popular Aquablast 1215 model.

This model in particular is ideal for medium parts that can be easily loaded and blast cleaned. The company offer its services to multiple industries such as food, surface preparation, packaging and construction.

Now with the Aquablast 1215, they can also serve walk-in customers which have drastically increased the business.

The Aquablast range uses wet blasting technology to simultaneously blast components using water mixed with abrasive to produce a ‘soft’ finish.

Wes Baker, General Manager at Mid Valley Industrial Services, said:

“We are extremely pleased with the Vixen 1215.  The large cabinet size offers versatility to work with more customers and diverse parts. We have already blasted auto parts for a show car and a 1963 motorcycle engine along with several hundred pieces, and they have all come up great.”

“Your US distributor Rick was a great help and guided us the whole way through selection and setup along with helpful tips of the machine.

“I would recommend the Aquablast machine to anyone who needs vapor blasting.  This unit has fully met our expectations and needs.”