Mar 21 2019

It’s Alive Automotive, Missouri

Its Alive Automotive based in Missouri, USA purchased the Aquablast 915 six months ago and the owner is amazed by the results!

It’s Alive Automotive is a classic car restoration shop based in America who buy, sell, restore and repair classic cars. They Specialise in European Sports Cars such as the classic XKE Jaguar.

Before purchasing the Aquablast 915 from Vixen, the company used bead blasting machines and a steam cleaner.

Over the past five years, the owner Jeff Homsher noticed that the steam cleaner left small parts dirty and the bead blaster provided a fine finish but produced a lot of dust every time. That’s when he decided to research vapour blast machines and found Vixen’s extensive product range.

The Aquablast 915 is designed to simultaneously blast and degrease components in a quick and easy dust-free process. This created a fine finish that is perfect for this type of industry where customers want immaculate, like new parts.

Jeff the owner of Its Alive Automotive from Missouri, USA said:

“Vapour blast machines are known to provide a far superior finish and, best of all, zero dust/mess! I contacted three companies to discuss their products and Vixen stood head-and-shoulders over the rest. They are well known for their product, service, and fair pricing.

“The team stepped me through the selection process and tailored a machine to the needs of our business.”

“We’ve had our Vixen Aquablast machine for five months and it has exceeded our expectations. Nearly every part goes into the machine prior to going on the car.

“The machine does an exceptional job of cleaning small carburettors and intake parts making for a finish that is concourse quality, I’m confident that the staff would have a mutiny if we removed the machine.”

It’s Alive Automotive also made the decision of adding a closed-loop filtration system to the Aquablast 915.

This means the water inside the machine is recycled for the rinse and window wash. This system allows the machine to be sited more freely around the workshop as it doesn’t need to be plumbed into a water supply or drain.

Jeff then went on to say:

“Best of all, the machine has paid for itself through increased business. Having the vapor blasting capability has not only enhanced our image as a premier restoration shop, it has also provided an additional revenue stream.”

“The quality, value, service and support have all been superior and I’m confident that those that make the decision to purchase a Vixen Aquablast machine will come to the same conclusion.”