Jan 14 2019

H&S Inspection, Michigan

H&S Inspection based in Michigan, USA purchased the Aquablast 915 machine to suit the needs of their clients.

This USA company have been providing Nondestructive testing and Chemical processing services since 1952 to the likes of Aerospace, Defense and Marine industries to name but a few.

As an independent business in America, the Aquablast 915 machine fitted seamlessly into their work station to ensure the customers receive a quick and outstanding customer service every time.

Before H&S Inspection purchased their Vixen machine, they were limited to mostly soak cleaning or ultrasonic stimulation and manual hand washing.

But since the Aquablast 915 machine has been in place, the company has received additional revenue as well as giving the customers an economical alternative to cleaning.

H&S Inspection purchased two optional extras to the 915 model. The closed loop filtration system to recycle the rinse water and to site the machine more freely around the workshop. They also added a fixed turntable to easily manoeuvre heavy components inside the blast cabinet.

Matthew Virzi from Michigan, USA the president of H&S Inspection said:

“The Vixen vapor blast equipment fills a critical niche between aggressive mechanical or dry blast cleaning and chemical bath ‘soak’ cleaning.  When working with a customer’s parts that have critical dimensions, matched surfaces, etc.  We can use the Vixen equipment to perform cleaning and surface preparation quickly and efficiently.”

“Vixen’s support through the quoting and purchasing process was excellent.  Personnel were knowledgeable, honest and patiently answered all our questions. Once the order was placed the timing of delivery exceeded expectations and the after-sales support has been very good.”