Mar 10 2018

Halltech Systems, Wisconsin

Halltech Systems located in Wisconsin, has been established since 1999. Halltech specialise in Corvette performance work, but will take on the challenge of anything that could be faster! Jim Hall, the owner of Halltech, has been involved with Corvettes and performance cars for over 47 years.

Before purchasing the Aquablast machine, Jim visited to trial the Aquablast 915 and 1215. Jim took a variety of parts that were made from different materials to process within the machines, this was so he could see the results for himself and make sure the machines were right for him.

Jim from Halltech said:

“I wet blasted a few parts in the Vixen Aquablast 915 and I was hooked, it was fast and left an amazing finish. I ordered one right away!”

Halltech has had the Aquablast machine now for a few weeks, and this is what Jim had to say about the machine so far:

“Even though the process is new to us, we see the great benefit in time savings and we all love the finish! 90% of the parts do not even need pre-cleaning. This is a great advantage time wise for the company. The oil and contaminates plugged up our dry blast machine, but now with our new wet blasting machine pre-cleaning is not necessary.”

He then went on to say:

“You can count on Rick to answer the phone anytime, even weekends! He has been a great support for us.”