Apr 22 2021

Classic Auto Group, Michigan

Classic Auto Group based in Michigan, USA prepare alloy wheels, repair automotive parts and are currently exploring other opportunities now they have their Vixen machine.

Before Classic Auto purchased the Aquablast 1215 machine, they prepared their wheels by hand which consisted of sanding and using a scuff pad, then washing the wheels with a degreaser and soap.

Preparing the wheels manually was extremely time consuming and hard work. So this is why they decided to look for a different process, which led to the team to purchase the Aquablast 1215.

The Vixen Aquablast 1215 is ideal for alloy wheel machining with the wheel spigot for easy manoeuvrability. The use of the vapor blasting technology simultaneously blasts, washes and etches wheels in one quick and easy step. This means wheels are prepared and keyed ready to be repainted or powdercoated.

Plus, when the team aren’t repairing wheels, they can restore and refinish automotive components such as engine blocks, brake callipers and intake manifolds.

The 1215 combines the standard 6 stage process of manually preparing alloy wheels into one application, reducing processing times from one hour per wheel to just three minutes.

Troy the owner of Classic Auto, purchased the Vixen machine through Rick, who is one of Vixen’s many distributors in the United States.

Troy from Classic Auto said:

“Since purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster machine, this has cut our labour time in half and has really sped up the process. The Aqua Wheelblaster machine also produces great results! Much better than what we were achieving manually!

He then went on to say:

“We have been so impressed with the machine, we are now looking into exploring other avenues and future opportunities for our business!”

“We received excellent service from Rick at wetblasting.com and Vixen provided a great quality product!”