Feb 20 2017

Aquablast 915 processed parts

Don visited the workshop in Cedarburg, WI to take a look at the Vixen machines and to process some parts he brought along. The parts were fire damaged and he had a very rough-looking wheel rim.


Don said

“I was amazed at how quickly the machine cleaned and shined up these parts, especially the wheel.”

The parts were processed in the Aquablast 915 machine. This model is the smallest in the Aquablast range making it a great entry level machine which brings huge benefits to a wide variety of industry sectors. However being the smallest it still shares the very same technology and components used in the larger models.

He then carried on by saying:

“Can you imagine trying to Scotch Brite this intricate wheel by hand! I’m very excited about the wet blasting process and I’m counting down the days to get my own Vixen machine!”