Apr 22 2021

Alaska Aircraft Cylinders, Wasilla

Alaska Aircraft Cylinders specialise in the repair and restoration of piston engines for small aircraft.

Before purchasing an Aquablast machine from Vixen, the team were using a dry blaster. This created a lot of dust and was limited to what they could process as the blasting was too aggressive on critical surfaces.

As quality cleaning is very important of the engine overhaul, they decided to find a better-suited machine – and that was when they discovered Vixen’s Aquablast.

The overall aim for Alaska Aircraft Cylinders is to ensure that customers are impressed and satisfied with the appearance and cleanliness of parts when they receive them.

With the Aquablast 1215, components pass inspections every time. The company decided on the Aquablast 1215 which is a popular choice in this application.

The medium-sized cabinet is ideal to clean large components such as crankcases with plenty of moveability. This means parts can be effectively cleaned and moved comfortably inside the cabinet without touching the sides.

The advantage Alaska Aircraft Cylinders now have with their Aquablast machine is the dust-free process.

This means they no longer have to deal with messy dust with Vixen’s vapor blasting technology. This comprises of water mixed with abrasive and pressurised air. The slurry then simultaneously blast cleans parts to produce like-new results and are absolutely free of oil.

This new process also means the team can now entirely skip out the cleaning step of degreasing. They have found this much more effective but gentle enough to allow them to clean the most delicate of components.