Mar 20 2017

“The results were unreal, literally amazing!”

Troy visited to see Rick about the Vixen wet blasting machines they had available. Troy tested out the Aqua Wheelblaster machine and this is what he had to say about his experience…


“I got the chance to experience a Vixen wet blasting machine, very impressive!!! I blasted some old rims from my basement, rusted covered in grease, grime, and dirt borderline of being scrap they looked so appalling. The process of restoring the rims took 8-10 minutes. The Vixen wheel blaster was very user friendly the hoses in the unit were like an extension of my limbs handling the machine was effortless.”

Troy then went on to say.

“One thing I really noticed was the lack of dust that you get from wet blasting machines. I have over 10+ years of experience sweeping abrasive off the ground after dry blasting! I definitely will be purchasing a Vixen soon; the results were unreal literally amazing.”

“Thanks again Rick, you definitely gained a customer and I will spread the word about your machines.”