Apr 19 2018

Brad’s Blasting

Brad’s Blasting are a motorcycle restoration business set up by Brad himself after purchasing the Aquablast 1215 machine from Vixen Surface Treatments. Before purchasing the Vixen machine Brad cleaned his parts by hand which unfortunately wasn’t creating the finish he was looking for. Brad would even go to the lengths of painting his parts to try and hide the finish he was achieving by hand.

Before Brad invested in the wet blasting machine he visited Rick and tried the demonstration Aquablast he has. This enabled Brad to see the results he was going to achieve before purchasing the machine for himself.

Brad from Iowa said:

“Rick’s service on the phone and when I visited his shop was outstanding. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a blasting cabinet in the Milwaukee area I would highly recommend stopping. I almost paid for a lesser inexpensive brand but once I had a go of the Aquablast 1215 machine I knew which one I needed.”

“The main benefit of purchasing the Aquablast machine for me is the awesome finish on everything I have tried! It actually makes cleaning the parts FUN! So far I have blasted aluminium, plastic, rubber, copper, vinyl, chrome and recently porcelain. Even blasting such a wide range of different materials the finish has always been exceptional.”