Oct 21 2019

“The unit looks fantastic after blasting”

They are up-and-running and love the machine! The unit looks fantastic after blasting/cleaning but the biggest time saver is that they don’t have to fully clean the oil and scum off before going into the Aquablast.  The closed loop rinse with the timer adjustments you made seems to be carrying out the scum and filtering… Read more »

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May 13 2019

Rick’s Visit to The Ultimate Man Cave!

One of the things I love about serving the wet blast industry is the variety of industries and businesses I get to visit. I meet great people in small mom-and-pop shops and great people in high-end industries like Samsung or General Electric. It’s my thirty-ninth year at this and it’s still as much fun as… Read more »

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Jan 24 2019

“Everything I blasted came home looking new or better!”

Dave from Wanatah, Illinois visited the wetblasting.com workshop to trial the Aquablast machine. After the demonstration he was given, Dave was very impressed by the Vixen machines which he used to process motorcycle parts that needed restoring. “I have been curious about wet blasting since the first time I heard about it and have to… Read more »

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Jan 14 2019

Stan’s Wet Blasting Experience!

Automation Products based in Wisconsin USA, started their business over 30 years ago, processing parts for companies all over the States. Automation products had a dry blasting cabinet that wasn’t achieving the exact results their customers were looking for, so Stan decided to contact Rick from wetblasting.com and send some parts to process in his… Read more »

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Dec 12 2018

Titan Surface Treatments – Join the wetblasting team!

Titan Surface Treatments from Beaver, Pennsylvania purchased a Vixen Aquablast 1215 machine to promote a green method of cleaning and degreasing. Unlike other washing and degreasing machines the Aquablast range uses water mixed with abrasive to blast and degrease parts, so no solvent is required. This range of Vixen machines was designed to blast and… Read more »

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Nov 19 2018

IMTS Show – Chicago!

This year Vixen exhibited at the IMTS Show in Chicago and it was a huge success! The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the biggest in the US and brought in crowds worldwide to view the magnificent machinery on display. I had the privilege to join the Vixen team on their stand to speak… Read more »

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Jul 6 2018

Surface Preparation Solutions – Texas

In June Aidan Mallon, the managing director of Vixen Surface Treatments, travelled to Texas to train representatives from Surface Preparation Solutions in Houston Texas. Aidan also sent out an Aquablast machine prior to his arrival to lead the show and tell, and so Surface Preparation solutions could use this as their demonstration machine. Aidan’s main… Read more »

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Jun 27 2018

Olsen Motor Sport

Olsen Motorsport is a vehicle repair, service, and restoration company based in Wisconsin USA. Not only do they accommodate for a variety of high end companies such as Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini they also provide their service to custom built services and custom-built vehicles. Olsen purchased an Aquablast 1215 to process vehicle parts… Read more »

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Apr 19 2018

Brad’s Blasting

Brad’s Blasting are a motorcycle restoration business set up by Brad himself after purchasing the Aquablast 1215 machine from Vixen Surface Treatments. Before purchasing the Vixen machine Brad cleaned his parts by hand which unfortunately wasn’t creating the finish he was looking for. Brad would even go to the lengths of painting his parts to… Read more »

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Mar 1 2018

Halltech System

Halltech Systems located in Wisconsin, has been established since 1999. Halltech specialise in Corvette performance work, but will take on the challenge of anything that could be faster! Jim Hall, the owner of Halltech, has been involved with Corvettes and performance cars for over 47 years. Before purchasing the Aquablast machine, Jim visited Wetblasting.com to… Read more »

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Oct 12 2017

Cuznbob’s Motorcycles

Robert Aldrich, owner of Cuznbob’s Motorcycles based in Austin Texas, purchased an Aquablast 1215 recently. Robert uses the Aquablast machine to process aluminium motorcycle parts to restore old motorcycles. The Aquablast 1215 machine is the medium sized machine within Vixen’s vapor blasting range. This machine is designed to harmoniously degrease and blast many sizes of components. The larger… Read more »

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Aug 17 2017

Successful Sample Deburring

A Midwest Steering Component Manufacturer has had great success with metallurgical lab sample deburring using the Aquablast machine. Since they purchased the vapor blast machine this has eliminated the unsafe use of belt sanding operation which the company were previously using. It is not only safer but quicker and required for superior SEM analysis. They… Read more »

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Jul 19 2017

Rich’s Workshop Visit

Just received some amazing feedback from Rich who visited my workshop last week! This is what he had to say: “I can’t thank you enough for you inviting me into your shop last week to try out your Vixen blasting equipment to resurface my aluminium wheels.” “As you quickly noticed upon arrival, my aluminium wheels… Read more »

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Jul 4 2017

Blast Gun Support

Vixen/Wetblasting.com – Blast gun support makes wetblasting more user friendly and reduces repetitive motion strain and injury. As you all know by now I’ve been involved in wet and dry blasting for over 37 years. One of the complaints I have heard over the years pertains to the strain on the fingers, hand and wrist… Read more »

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May 8 2017

Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster

Joe stopped in to blast some fifty year old rims. He really had no clue what to expect after cleaning the rims up in the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster machine but I knew! They turned out great! “Thank you again for your time and for allowing me to get acquainted with the wet blasting process. I’m… Read more »

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Mar 10 2017

P4 By Norwood “high end” wet blasting

Tim Taylor from P4 By Norwood have recently purchased one of Vixen’s Aquablast 1215 machines and had some great things to say! “I have been looking for a way to clean Cast Aluminium for 30 years restoring vintage Italian automobiles and showing cars at Pebble Beach Concours, d’Elegance and  Concorso Italiano.” “The goal is to get the… Read more »

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Mar 3 2017

The results were unreal, literally amazing!

Troy visited Wetblasting.com to see Rick and Rebecca about the Vixen wet blasting machines they had available. Troy tested out the Aqua Wheelblaster machine and this is what he had to say about his experience… “Thanks to Rick and Rebecca from www.wetbasting.com” “I got the chance to experience a Vixen wet blasting machine, very impressive!!! I… Read more »

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Feb 8 2017

Aquablast 915 processed parts

Don visited the work shop in Cedarburg, WI to take a look at the Vixen machines and to process some parts he brought along. The parts were fire damaged and he had a very rough looking wheel rim.   Don said “I was amazed at how quickly the machine cleaned and shined up these parts,… Read more »

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Jan 27 2017

Aquablast Installation Video

Whilst we were in the United Kingdom visiting Vixen in November we discussed the great feedback that I have received over the past year from you the customer. One of the things we planned to address was how to make it easier to figure out how to set up the machine. Let’s face it; nobody… Read more »

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Jan 23 2017

Fire Damage Repairs

Recently I had some customers in to blast some parts that where fire damaged. Sadly, a barn burned down causing 15 or more project bikes to be ruined by the fire. The damaged parts ranged from just dirty and smelly from the smoke, to parts with melted plastic and major charring. One of the many… Read more »

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Dec 15 2016

Visit to Vixen in the United Kingdom

Rebecca and I recently had the opportunity to Visit the Vixen factory in the UK. The purpose of our trip was to sit down on some projects that are ongoing, discuss some sales strategies, shoot some installation videos and basically just discuss future plans. As always, we strive to provide the best customer support in… Read more »

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Dec 6 2016

Wetblasting Challenge

We recently wet blasted pistons and crank shafts for a major manufacturer in the United States. We were challenged to do the following:   New pistons – Remove burrs without dimensionally changing the pistons New pistons – Provide an overall bright matt finish with consistency on the overall piston Crank shafts – Provide an overall… Read more »

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Nov 4 2016

“The Aquablast® 915 provides great results”

Mike based in Florida, USA, recently purchased an Aquablast 915 wetblasting cabinet, to effectively clean components from grease, oil and other contaminants. The Aquablast is designed to produce a softer finish, a dust free process and cleans by flow, not impact. The Aquablast has offered huge benefits to a wide variety of industry sectors such… Read more »

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Sep 27 2016

The Aquablast® adds Value for Image Auto!

The Image Auto is an American story.  Back in 2003, founder Paul Daly was working as a service writer for a Chevrolet dealership in Oswego, New York. One day, while speaking with a friend from Elim Bible Institute, where Paul received his degree, seeds were planted that would one day grow into the Image Auto… Read more »

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Aug 16 2016

Grafton Engine Rebuilders

Thanks Rick for the demonstration in your shop last week. I cant believe how clean these parts look and how fast the Vixen Aquablast processes them! We rebuild all sorts of engines from lawn mower engines to tractor engines. The Vixen Aquablast is going into the budget for year end. This machine will save us a lot of… Read more »

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Mar 3 2016

RestoCycle – The Wow Effect

Located in Tucson, Arizona, RestoCycle provides motorcycle restoration services to customers all over the USA. Vapor blasting with the Vixen 915 is a speciality, and owners of all makes of motorcycles now use RestoCycle to renew the finish of their parts. RestoCycle’s president, Nils Menten said, “I struggled for years trying to find the best… Read more »

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Jan 14 2016

Dan’s Motorcycle Project

I wet blasted a very rusty BSA wheel with a Vixen wet blaster and was very impressed with the speed and quality of the finish.   I will use this method on my unrestored “rider” motorcycle projects, to maintain the hard to find original parts and keep costs down. Not everyone wants a museum piece… Read more »

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Jan 14 2016

Jeff’s Alloy Wheel Clean

Rick It was nice to meet with you last week. I’m glad that I was able to come there in person to blast the wheel myself. The Vixen machine is awesome!   I was really surprised how quickly the wheel could be cleaned/etched. I think that my customer will be happy as well. They have… Read more »

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Sep 24 2015

Rick Meets ‘The Godfather’

Rick recently had the opportunity to visit all of the Vixen team, for the first time, at their head office based in the North East of England. Unbeknown to Rick, he was going to meet the Godfather of Vixen – Ian Yearsley.

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Jun 11 2015

Mark Luebke, Wisconsin

Mark Luebke, a motorcycle enthusiast, based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, uses Vixen’s Aquablast 915 wet abrasive blasting cabinet to refinish his 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado 850 engine cases, heads, carburettor bodies and transmission case.

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Jun 9 2015

Short Block Charlie, Arizona

Short Block Charlie's -precision machining for motorcycles

Short Block Charlie is one of the premier Harley-Davidson machine shops in the USA, where they specialize in performance head modifications and engine building.

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Feb 27 2015

Separating Used Media From Water

Many users of wet blasting machines are often unsure how to separate used media and water from the sump of the machine. There are two basic options for media disposal …

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