Jul 4 2017

Blast Gun Support

Vixen/Wetblasting.com – Blast gun support makes wetblasting more user friendly and reduces repetitive motion strain and injury.

As you all know by now I’ve been involved in wet and dry blasting for over 37 years. One of the complaints I have heard over the years pertains to the strain on the fingers, hand and wrist while blasting. The fingers and hand experience stress due to that fact that you have to grip the blast gun so tightly to control it and its forces. The wrist is then punished by the “swiveling” that is required to get to all the areas of the parts.

There are three elements to the forces that must be overcome while blasting

  1. The weight of the blast gun and hoses
  2. The restrictive forces due to the stiffness of the hose itself
  3. The force of the slurry being expelled out of the blast gun

As you can imagine, these forces are working against you from many directions. Wouldn’t it be great if the blast gun just hung there in mid-air wherever you placed it? Well, Vixen has defied gravity as well as the forces of the blast gun itself. There is some truth to this but maybe the “gravity” part is a stretch, at least not without help. We use an adjustable tool counterbalance unit to suspend the blast gun. Its truly amazing how much this unit aids in minimizing the forces described above. I estimate that 80% of the strain of blasting is gone. The cable allows for easy movement of the blast gun and the counterbalance affect remains.

We are considering our options for this new product, I’ll keep you up-to-speed in future blogs. If you want to build your own unit I will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for looking in!