Edd China uses Aquablast® 1215

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WATCH Edd China use our Aquablast ® machine in the Workshop Diaries show! 📺 In the latest episode, Edd uses our Aquablast 1215 to surface finish a component, as part of the “World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van” project! It’s great tuning into moral or ethical aspect to flash loans show every week! We’ve loved seeing our… Read more »

The Difference Between Dry and Wet Blasting

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As specialists in blasting equipment, we understand that you may be unsure whether wet or dry blasting is best for your application. This article aims to help you understand each process – if you are still unsure, please contact Rick! Everything You Need to Know About Dry Blasting Dry blasting equipment allows you to quickly and… Read more »

“The unit looks fantastic after blasting”

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They are up-and-running and love the machine! The unit looks fantastic after blasting/cleaning but the biggest time saver is that they don’t have to fully clean the oil and scum off before going into the Aquablast.  The closed loop rinse with the timer adjustments you made seems to be carrying out the scum and filtering… Read more »

Vixen premiers Aqua Wheelblaster video

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Vixen debuts its latest video with the popular Aqua Wheelblaster. The Aqua Wheelblaster is designed exclusively for wheel preparation and uses Vixen’s wet blasting technology to prepare wheels in as little as three minutes! Fast, affordable, easy to use and very profitable! This compact machine uses the standard six step process of manually preparing wheels into one… Read more »

Rick’s Visit to The Ultimate Man Cave!

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One of the things I love about serving the wet blast industry is the variety of industries and businesses I get to visit. I meet great people in small mom-and-pop shops and great people in high-end industries like Samsung or General Electric. It’s my thirty-ninth year at this and it’s still as much fun as… Read more »

Stan’s Wet Blasting Experience!

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Automation Products based in Wisconsin USA, started their business over 30 years ago, processing parts for companies all over the States. Automation products had a dry blasting cabinet that wasn’t achieving the exact results their customers were looking for, so Stan decided to contact Rick from wetblasting.com and send some parts to process in his… Read more »

IMTS Show – Chicago!

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This year Vixen exhibited at the IMTS Show in Chicago and it was a huge success! The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the biggest in the US and brought in crowds worldwide to view the magnificent machinery on display. I had the privilege to join the Vixen team on their stand to speak… Read more »

Surface Preparation Solutions – Texas

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In June Aidan Mallon, the managing director of Vixen Surface Treatments, travelled to Texas to train representatives from Surface Preparation Solutions in Houston Texas. Aidan also sent out an Aquablast machine prior to his arrival to lead the show and tell, and so Surface Preparation solutions could use this as their demonstration machine. Aidan’s main… Read more »

Olsen Motor Sport

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Olsen Motorsport is a vehicle repair, service, and restoration company based in Wisconsin USA. Not only do they accommodate for a variety of high end companies such as Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini they also provide their service to custom built services and custom-built vehicles. Olsen purchased an Aquablast 1215 to process vehicle parts… Read more »