As a distributor of Vixen’s wet and dry blasting cabinets, I have obtained many well-established relationships with customers in all corners of the USA.

Below you can find out what our happy Aquablast customers think of the products and service provided by wetblasting.com

  • “Rick has been very generous, both with testing time and assistance from the start. The Vixen machine has impressed existing and potential clients so much so that we have received additional and new work! It is the workhorse of our operation. Parts look like they've just come straight from the factory!"

    Olsen Motorsports, Illinois

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  • “Vixen provided great support in helping us set up the Aquablast and get it up and running. We have used the machine routinely for the last year and have had no issues with the machine. Using the Aquablast 1215 has significantly improved our efficiency and our quality all in an effort to provide our customer with a better product at a better price. ”

    Alaska Aircraft Cylinders, Wasilla

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  • “Since purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster machine, this has cut our labour time in half and has really sped up the process. It also produces great results! Much better than what we were achieving manually! We received excellent service from Rick, he provided a great quality product!”

    Classic Auto Group, Michigan

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  • “Quite frankly, the Aquablast system has changed our industry. What was once accepted as parts being painted to freshen the look of soft, nonferrous materials, now the materials can be restored to like-new look without the use of paint. Vixen has restored my faith in customer service! ”

    Scuderia Rampante, Colorado

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  • “Rick’s service on the phone and when I visited his shop was outstanding. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a blasting cabinet, I would highly recommend Vixen. I almost paid for a lesser inexpensive brand but once I had a go of the Aquablast 1215 machine I knew which one I needed.”

    Brad’s blasting, Iowa

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  • “I would recommend the Aquablast machine to anyone who needs vapor blasting. This unit has fully met our expectations and needs. ”

    Mid Valley Industrial Services, Wisconsin

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  • “The Aquablast is the #1 quality machine on the market. Rick has been very helpful every step of the way. I am very impressed with the build quality, operation and results I achieve. It’s not a cheap machine, but worth every penny! I expect many years of use from it.”

    Cuznbob’s Motorcycles, Texas

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  • “Since using the Aquablast 915 parts are cleaned in half the time. The machine runs much cleaner and efficient. We have drastically reduced waste and our turnaround time has improved”.

    X-FAB, Texas

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  • “The 915 is at a great price point to enter the production processing of parts that require wet blasting. While ours is an entry level model, we are able to handle a large variety of tool sizes and shapes because of the simple yet flexible design, and still benefit from the core technology without a huge investment. The 915 is perfect for our current product portfolio." 

    ACS Coatings, New York

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  • “What took minutes now takes seconds! The Aquablast machine is the best and produces the most consistent finish of any machine we have had in the past! ”

    Ztech Mfg, Minnesota

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  • "I currently blast bike engines and suspension parts which fit perfectly into the Aquablast 915. The beauty of this process is they come out looking like they’ve just been cast or milled from the factory."

    Molegrips Vaporblast Finishing, San Diego

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  • “The Aquablast does a terrific job on restoring corroded aluminium parts. You have an amazing machine and I use it very well! ”

    Vintage Kawasaki, Toronto

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  • “With the Vixen Aquablaster we have a much better looking product inside and out. ”

    Stiegemeier Porting Service, Missouri

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  • I contacted three companies to discuss their products and Vixen stood head-and-shoulders over the rest. They are well known for their product, service, and fair pricing. We’ve had our Vixen Aquablast machine for five months and it has exceeded our expectations. Nearly every part goes into the machine prior to going on the car."

    It’s Alive Automotive, Missouri

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  • “We still can’t believe the results the Aquablast gives us. Thanks so much for such a fantastic machine! ”

    S&J Construction, Chicagoland

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  • “Vixen’s support through the quoting and purchasing process was excellent.  Personnel were knowledgeable, honest and patiently answered all our questions. Once the order was placed the timing of delivery exceeded expectations and the after-sales support has been very good.”

    H&S Inspection, Michigan

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  • “We’ve had great success with the Aquablast 1215 machine and are really pleased with the results.”

    Titan Surface Treatments, Pennsylvania

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  • This vapor blasting process is much faster than dry bead blasting and leaves a finer surface finish. The support from Vixen was especially helpful when learning how to use the machine to its best ability, and in the operation of the blaster with regards to abrasives and air pressures to use for different materials.”

    Motor Sports Engineering, Portland

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  • “This is one process that really lives up to the promise of a great finish. I have never seen aluminum cleaned like this system does. The transformation of dull grey aluminium to what appears like a finely painted silver is amazing. It does it on rough castings and die cast work alike. This is a restorers and metal finishers dream machine.

    The Aquablast 915 is built like a tank and has great features that make it very comfortable to operate. We really like the mounted blast gun option. It makes handling the parts much less cumbersome. We love the closed loop rinse option as well. You can never get all the crud off of parts like cylinder heads. We just degrease and put them in the Vixen Aquablast. Thanks Rick for the great equipment!”

    Phil Baier – Midwest Moto Guzzi, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • “I wet blasted a few parts in the Vixen Aquablast 915 and I was hooked, it was fast and left an amazing finish. I ordered one right away! You can count on Rick to answer the phone anytime, even weekends! He has been a great support for us.”

    Halltech Systems, Wisconsin

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  • “Our new Aquablast 915 doesn’t tumble the parts that we need finishing – meaning that they are not damaged in any way. As well as performing fantastically, the machine looks great too. It’s far more modern and advanced than anything we have used before."

    General Dynamics, Alabama

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  • "I purchased the Aquablast 1215 which is the perfect size for the larger parts that we do here. It seems as though I find something new to wet blast every day. We do "high-end" work here and that's what our customers expect. What a great addition the Vixen wet blast has been for us. Thank you!"

    P4 By Norwood Inc, Texas

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  • "The Vixen wheel blaster was very user friendly the hoses in the unit were like an extension of my limbs handling the machine was effortless. Thanks again Rick, you definitely gained a customer and I will spread the word about your machines.”

    “The results were unreal, literally amazing!”

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  • “I was amazed at how quickly the machine cleaned and shined up these parts, especially the wheel. I’m counting down the days to get my own Vixen machine!"

    Aquablast 915 processed parts

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  • “I just wanted to send a few pictures of the great outcome I am experiencing since I switched from hand cleaning to wet blasting. I love this process!”

    “The Aquablast 915 provides great results”

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  • With the Vixen Aqua Wheelblaster we have dropped the average time to five to ten minutes per wheel. Because the machine is unfazed by the design and style of the wheel, we can be sure that all areas have been reached and that the new profile is consistent throughout."

    The Aquablast® adds value for Image Auto!

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  • Thanks Rick for the demonstration in your shop last week. I can't believe how clean these parts look and how fast the Vixen Aquablast processes them!

    Grafton Engine Rebuilders

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  • "The Vixen machine is awesome!"

    Jeff’s Alloy Wheel Clean

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  • "I struggled for years trying to find the best way to refinish the aluminium engine and chassis components on my restoration projects. When I found a shop that was using Vixen to refinish aluminium and saw first - hand the results, I knew I would own one before long. The best part of doing this work is hearing my customers' reaction when they unwrap their parts. The word I hear most often is simply "Wow!"

    RestoCycle, Arizona

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  • “I use the Aquablast 915 to refinish my 1972 Moto Guzzi Eldorado 850 engine cases, heads, carburettor bodies and transmission case. The results are astonishing.

    I have used glass bead blasting, acid wash and many other refinishing techniques on various projects but it leaves too much ‘tooth’ in the finish, or does not look correct. The ‘peened’ finish that is possible using Vixen’s wet blasting process is different to anything I have ever seen in all of the years I have been working on and restoring motorcycles. The finished parts are beautiful.

    The other huge benefit of Vixen’s wet blasting process is speed. This process is ‘industrial grade’ and it is very fast and easy to use.

    Vixen have thought of everything with this machine. The window washing / wiping system is excellent and the opening allows you to place and re-surface large or small parts with such ease.

    Rick at Wet Blasting is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I really like the Vixen Aquablast, and recommend these machines to anyone who needs to do high quality refinishing efficiently.

    These machines are just excellent!”

    Mark Luebke – Motorcycle enthusiast, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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  • Short Block Charlie's -precision machining for motorcycles

    “I have owned one of Vixen’s Aquablast 915 blasting cabinets for over a year and a half. It is one of the best investments I have made. I see there are cheaper models out there, but you get what you pay for. We offer vapor blasting to the motorcycle industry and it is always interesting to have a customer pick up their parts when we are finished with the work. The first comment is that it looks better than new and because of this we were able to raise our prices. We have a YouTube video showing the Vixen in action. It took time to promote our service, but now we have raised the bar, to be the industry standard thanks to the Aquablast.”

    Charlie Lawlor – Short Block Charlie, Phoenix, Arizona

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  • We bought a Vixen machine through Rick and we couldn’t be happier!

    Polyurethane Molding Industries Inc. , Rhode Island

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  • “They are up-and-running and love the machine! The unit looks fantastic after blasting/cleaning but the biggest time saver is that they don’t have to fully clean the oil and scum off before going into the Aquablast. The closed-lopp rinse with the timer adjustments you made, seems to be carrying out the scum and filtering it just fine. I’ll be stopping in there on a regular basis to stay on top of the purchase of the other four machines stated for 2020. Thanks for all your help!”

    Mike, Wetblasting Rep