Oct 12 2017

Cuznbob’s Motorcycles

Robert Aldrich, owner of Cuznbob’s Motorcycles based in Austin Texas, purchased an Aquablast 1215 recently. Robert uses the Aquablast machine to process aluminium motorcycle parts to restore old motorcycles.

The Aquablast 1215 machine is the medium sized machine within Vixen’s vapor blasting range. This machine is designed to harmoniously degrease and blast many sizes of components. The larger opening side door allows for operator ease and it also features a large viewing window for great visibility.

Rick contact Robert at Cuznbob’s to see how the machine was performing for him, and this is what he said to say:

“I use the machine mainly on aluminium parts in the restoration of motorcycles but I’ve blasted a variety of other parts such as plastics and rubber parts which also achieved great results.”

“Rick has been very helpful every step of the way from ordering to getting the machine set up and dialled in. I am very impressed with the build quality, operation and results I achieve. It’s not a cheap machine, but worth every penny! I expect many years of use from it.”