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Here at we are experts in the supply and distribution of a comprehensive range of VIXEN vapor blast cabinets, also known as WetBlasting and AquaBlasting Machines.

All our VIXEN WetBlasting machines are designed and built to the highest standards and to specific customer requirements.


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“Rick has been very generous, both with testing time and assistance from the start. The Vixen machine has impressed existing and potential clients so much so that we have received additional and new work! It is the workhorse of our operation. Parts look like they've just come straight from the factory!"

Olsen Motorsports, Illinois

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“Vixen provided great support in helping us set up the Aquablast and get it up and running. We have used the machine routinely for the last year and have had no issues with the machine. Using the Aquablast 1215 has significantly improved our efficiency and our quality all in an effort to provide our customer with a better product at a better price. ”

Alaska Aircraft Cylinders, Wasilla

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“Since purchasing the Aqua Wheelblaster machine, this has cut our labour time in half and has really sped up the process. It also produces great results! Much better than what we were achieving manually! We received excellent service from Rick, he provided a great quality product!”

Classic Auto Group, Michigan

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Industrial applications

Customer Testimonials

Vixen has sold many Aquablast machines for reconditioning markets, such as vacuum pump or car and motorcycle engine components such as a turbo or carburettor. The benefits are that components can be blasted without needing degreasing and leave the ultimate finish to present your remanufactured products.



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Cosmetic Finish On New Products

Vixen’s Aquablast range of wet blasting machines blast and degrease components in a quick, easy dust-free process, which achieves outstanding finishing results on a variety of components. It’s particularly effective for surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting and re-coating, creating a satin finish on stainless steel and other metals.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishing

The Aqua Wheelblaster is designed to simultaneously wash, dry, blast and etch alloy wheels after minor kerb damage, in one chamber. The standard 6 step process for preparing alloy wheels by hand can take up to an hour, compared to just three3 minutes per alloy wheel using this machine.

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