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Abrasive Blasting - Ask Rick
  • "How much will it cost to purchase an abrasive blast machine and to install it?"
  • "Is wet blasting or dry blasting the best solution for my abrasive finishing needs?"
  • "How do we know which blast cabinet best suits our needs?"
  • "Can I get the required finish manually or do I need an automated machine?"
  • "How can I be sure blasting won’t damage my parts?"
  • "Which abrasive will process parts quickly and be economical in the long run?"

You have arrived at one of the few web sites in the metal finishing industry where you can obtain answers to questions like these and obtain detailed unbiased advice on how to proceed with your abrasive blast finishing project. Take advantage of my three decades of experience in machine design and process development in the areas of sandblasting, wet blasting, machine automation, ergonomic design and operator productivity. Tell me your finishing needs and I’ll provide specific recommendations to meet your needs.

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